August 2014 Book madness

The Amazing month of August was truly fantastic this year. A big part of being involved in children’s book publishing is promotional work. In Australia, the month of August is certainly a focus for that activity. This is mainly due to the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s (CBCA – book week program mid August.

This year August has been fantastically busy. Loads of events with fellow author (it is always great to catch up with other creative friends and have fun and talk current projects),heaps of school visits and book tour.

All in all Nick Falk and I were on tour early August in Melbourne. After that I have had 4 weeks packed with events. If I take into account the last couple of weeks (September) being the event spill over from August. I have spoken to over 5000 students since the beginning of August.

N&T DSC_0154N&T Drawing DSC_0205

I was lucky enough to spend book week this year in Griffith, New South Wales. I was talking at the Library for the whole week and students from around the city came into the library for sessions. The staff at the library were fantastic and had arranged some activities for the school before my arrival. I was greeted by an amazing collection of Dinosaur and Dragon puppets based on my books.


Throughout this crazy month, what you really appreciate is seeing the joy kids get from discovering fun new books. I love presenting to kids, unlike adults their isn’t any adult politeness towards public speakers. If your not engaging them that soon let you know. Luckily when you do have their attention they are the best audience to talk to, as they also not afraid to put up their hand and ask question, laugh out loud, and get excited by ideas.

Griffiht trip August 2014 book

Of course being involved in the book publishing industry The most rewarding thing is when you are approached by a young reader with one of your book in the their hand. The pages are well thumbed (a little dog eared) and you are greeted with a huge smile and reader who tells how much they love the book.

I can be contacted for school talks through “the Children’s Bookshop” – Beecroft (

or by emailing me at

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