Stories from the Pyjamaverse

I have been lucky enough to participate in the Sydney Writers’ Festivals, first children’s ‘Festival of Moving Stories’. This has involved drawing bus sized characters (see older posts for ‘Russ the Story Bus’), School talks with a host of other Authors and illustrators and the totally amazing stage experience of ‘Stories from the Pyjamaverse’.


Story from the Pyjamaverse was a heap of fun. There was an amazing line of readers, the very talented and funny MC/author Mr Will Kostakis. I sat at my throne on stage creating drawings for each story as it was read. In between stories Will and the audience attempted to stump me with increasingly silly drawing requests.

SWF PYJAMAVERSE Michelle Lim Davidson

Michelle Lim Davidson

SWF PYJAMAVERSE Morris Gleitzman 2SWF PYJAMAVERSE Morris Gleitzman 1

Morris Gleitzman


Almad Al Rady

Events like these would not be possible without the support of the staff and board of the Sydney Writers Festival and a large number of dedicated volunteers.

SWF childrens logo   SWF PYJAMAVERSE Challenge 1     Tallis watching back stage

Tallis Watching from backstage as I practice some drawing