Madam Boar

This character appears in” Samurai vs Ninja book 3: Day if the Dreadful Undead”.This is Madam Boar.

I thought it would interest some people to see the basic steps to get get this image ready for print.

Madam boar layers smf

This image appear (as at stage 3) on page 62 of the book. I have spent a little extra time creating stage 4 (above) to demonstrate the difference black and white and colour.

For the technical minded readers, this image was coloured in photoshop. I created a layer for all on the black line work. The line work was originally hand inked and then scanned. This layer had a clear background. Then by creating a second layer underneath this, I digitally painted the colour where it was needed. The reason I apply the colour in this way, is if you try and colour the layer with the line work you will end up with white pixel specks where lines join or your ink work is a bit rough. Not such an issue if you create the line work digitally. In the past I would have added the colour by guiding the cursor with my mouse. I have recently brought a wacom Intuos pro, pen and touch tablet. I have used these for this image.

If you have any question please put in the comment section or email me.

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