School Talk images book week 2015

Every year I am lucky enough to spend time talking at schools around the country. No time is more frantic than around Children’s Book Week. In my sessions I invite story suggestions from the children and we visually create stories and characters to populate them with.

I thought it might be fun looking at a few of the crazy characters that I have created with students. These images are digitally enhanced ink sketches that I draw into a sketch book after talks. I keep these for my own interest and as a record of the crazy ideas that have been created.

School Talk Octo Plata Pigypus

This first images is the combination of an octopus, a platypus and a pig. Before I created this image I draw all three creatures and discussed what elements are iconic for each.
School Talk Lava Dog

The next is Lava dog. The students suggested this character as a side kick of lolly pop man. But as I just like drawing dog, I haven’t included lollypop man.

The last image is a Mercat. The students in this instance suggested a fish and a cat. I have based the cat on my only cat ‘Daisy’.

School talks Mercat

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