Writing with Picture in Taipei

International Conference on Childhood and Visual Texts in/of Asia 2015
2015年 亞洲童年與視覺文本 研討會
Date: November 14, 2015 (Saturday)
3:10pm- 4:20pm
Venue: Zhishan Building, National Taipei University of Education

I will be heading to Taiwan to deliver a talk at the on the weekend. My talk “Writing with Pictures: The Silly world of ‘Samurai vs Ninja’ will be looking at the visual literacy approach and research behind my Samurai vs Ninja series.
Samurai vs Ninja Book covers and images
I will discuss both the theatrical and practical application of visual literacy skills.
This will be done through the applied visual literacy techniques used in my latest book series, ‘Samurai vs Ninja’.

This is an early reader series set in the Edo period of Japanese history. Illustrated with black and white images, the visual story telling using a mixture of narrative styles, including standard in-text illustrations, margin illustrations and comic book format.
sample research SvN Little Pig 3

In Samurai vs Ninja I have assimilating visual element from traditional and pop culture aspect of Japan. Rather than approaching the design using western stereotype characters for japan. I have research the work through woodblock prints, photographs and museum visits. The resulting illustrations reference culture, geographical location and environmental elements. Creating a rich setting for the comedic stories of Samurai vs Ninja to unfold.

sample research SvN Little Pig compositional line for web

These conferences are made possible though the generous support of the sponsors,
Conference sponsors:
Feng Zikai Chinese Children’s Picture Book Award Executive Committee; National Taipei University of Education; Ministry of Science and Technology
Travel grant: Faculty of Art and Design, University of Canberra

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