Hello! Notable Book CBCA awards 2017

Notable award 2017 Hello

I have been very fortunate this year as the book ‘Hello!’ which I illustrated for the National Library of Australia has been placed on the ‘Notable’ book list for 2017. This is wonderful recognition for the book that explores 12 cultural groups from multicultural Australia. As the libraries blurb says

“Yiasou! That’s hello in Greek!


Or would you like to say hello in Chinese? What about Italian or Korean? Murrinhpatha or Kaurna?


Meet 12 Australian friends who can speak different languages. They tell us how to count from 1 to 10, say hello and goodbye and lots of other words in their languages about play, food, hobbies and clothes.”



The Publishing industry is a funny one as it celebrates the authors and illustrators of any book. But as anyone who has ever worked on a book can tell you it takes a team to make a book. Hello! was the brain child of editor Joanna Karmel and publisher Susan Hall who were working with graphic designer (and an old friend mine) Liz Faul. In addition, each cultural group represented in the book was also reviewed by cultural advisors ranging from the Embassy of Lebanon, the Australian National University to indigenous advisors and Elders. A fall list of acknowledgements is printed on page 65 of the book.


I would to congratulate all of the people that have helped bring this project to life. Without your efforts the it would have been impossible to create this book.

I would also like to extend congratulations to all of my fellow author, illustrator and publishing team friends who have books represented on the CBCA’c Notable list (see link below for full list). It is a truely reward industry to work in.



If you haven’t had a chance to see the book ‘Hello!’ here is an extract from a book review;

“I see this sturdy children’s picture book being very useful in primary school libraries as well as pre-schools. Schools where children learn languages other than English will love the book as an introduction to general language acquisition. Each child shares a few phrases, and there are three indigenous languages as well as many more languages commonly spoken in Australia. In the back of the book, there’s an excellent pronunciation guide, as well as image resources from the National Library’s collection.


Apart from making an excellent choice as a non-fiction picture book for kids 3+, Hello would make a great school resource for celebrations like Harmony Day (March 21 in Australia) or Universal Children’s Day (November 20).” –  Susan Stephenson (August 2016 -www.thebookchook.com)


For a full list of the Notable Books for 2017, click on this link CBCA Notable Books 2017