The Great Cycle Challenge

This October I am taking part in the “Great Cycle Challenge” to raise money to help fight children’s cancer.


To see a little more about the kids and why it is import to raise money, follow this link


My current cycling goal is to reach 150km. In truth I would like to hit 200km, I will just have to see how I go. I am also hoping to raise at least $500. Again I would obviously love to help raise more.


So to help with the fundraising goal, I have decided to offer some incentives as gifts for people who donate. As I rarely offer original illustrations for sale this will be one of the few opportunities you will have to get one of my illustration.

If you donate $25 I will post you one of my books, signed with an original drawing in it. If you donate $50 I will send you an original drawing (see image below). If you are in the Canberra/Sydney area and donate $100 I will offer you either a visit to your child’s school to talk to their class about illustrating and writing books or a commissioned illustration of your pet. The offer for the pet portrait is internationally available. The first person to donate $50 will receive this image which I would call a part of my ‘New England” series.

Cycle challenge 1

I created this image on my recent trip to Boston/Cambridge Massachusetts, America. I will post other illustrations that are available on facebook as the challenge continues.

To donate my Cycle challenge page is

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